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5 FACTS and 5 TIPS to Better English Pronunciation

Understood the first time, not perfect!

FACT #1 Some cultures find some English sounds embarrassing and even rude. For example, to make the [th] sound as in this, therefore, theatre, you have to stick your tongue out a little bit to make the correct sound. Don’t worry about what other people think. English speakers don’t think it’s rude, just necessary to make the correct sound!

FACT #2 Poor English pronunciation makes it difficult for others to understand you and they have to ask you to repeat what you said, sometimes more than once!

FACT #3 Some sounds in English don’t exist in other languages and some language learners have a hard time hearing these sounds –

FACT #4 If you are not taught how to make the sounds correctly, you will continue to make the same mistakes and people will not understand what you say.

FACT #5 The most important courses I took when I lived in Europe were pronunciation courses – they helped me speak better French, German and Russian.

Tip #1 If you need to speak English for work or business take a language assessment – most of them are free – find out what you need to do to improve your English pronunciation to be understood the first time.

Tip #2 Work on one sound per week.

Tip #3 10 minutes consistent daily practice is KEY to improving your pronunciation – in front of a mirror works best.

Tip #4 Slow down when you speak and concentrate on making the sound correctly.

Tip #5 Take pronunciation lessons to learn how to produce the sounds accurately.The correct position of your mouth and tongue and teeth are SO important in making the correct English sound.

You can learn to pronounce difficult English sounds and when to pronounce them. You may never hear some of the sounds that you produce, but other English speakers will hear you pronounce them correctly and understand you!

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Keep practicing!