Daily Pronunciation Practice for Intermediate to Advanced Speakers of English.

You practice daily/according to your busy schedule with a native English speaker to correct major and minor pronunciation errors that make it difficult for other English speakers to understand what you are saying.

 What you get

  1.  An initial English language assessment on Skype to determine what major and minor pronunciation problems you need help with and how long it might take for you to make these changes.
  2. An opportunity to get to know me to see if we can work together to fix the most serious pronunciation problems you have speaking English.
  3. 10 minutes daily speaking and listening practice via Skype or on the phone (after the initial assessment) with a native English speaker to correct your pronunciation errors (or according to your busy schedule).
  4. Learn how to produce the English sounds you don’t hear and are not pronouncing correctly.
  5. Handouts
  6. As much or as little homework as YOU want!
  7. Additional assessment after one month of daily practice.

 Remember: there is no quick fix, just your commitment to daily practice!

You have to learn how to pronounce the sounds correctly in addition to daily practice to improve your English pronunciation so that other English speakers understand you without having to say “Pardon?” or “Could you please repeat that?”

Motivation and daily practice are keys to improving your spoken English. I can help you fix your pronunciation problems, but YOU have to do the work to succeed.

10 minutes speaking and listening practice a day for 1 (one) month (or equivalent depending on your busy schedule)

Your Investment $197 CDN

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