We know you may have questions about our ESL programs. Please see below for the most commonly asked questions. Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Please get in touch with us.

The TESOL Diploma Program is a comprehensive 314-hour program of studies for teaching English to speakers of other languages, in Canada or abroad, consisting of core courses and a teaching internship.

No. I do not work with just anyone. I only work with business people or people who need to improve their English language skills to advance their career path.

If you are looking to just improve your conversational English skills, please consider your other options.

Each of the programs are 30 days in length. We do an assessment at the end of 30 days to measure your progress.

Currently, ESL language training is $197 CDN for 30 days of coaching. For the presentation skills training, please contact me for an assessment.

What I provide is language coaching. I meet with you online via Skype. I use Skype because it allows me to see you when you speak and I can hear you while you are speaking. This allows me to provide the correction and feedback you need to improve your language skills.