Manuel SilvaI learned more from Joanne’s classes than I did in 6 months at an expensive language school! If I can do it, so can YOU!” I have a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from Mexico and was unable to get a good paying job in my field with an international company because my spoken and written English did not meet their standards.

I spent 6 months in Vancouver studying at a language school and enjoyed the other students, but found most of the classes boring and not useful for me.

I took extra classes with Joanne and she provided one-on-one instruction and focussed on specific areas of English I was having trouble with and my English quickly improved. I returned to Mexico and within six months was offered a job in my field with an international company.

I am taking conversation classes with Joanne once a week now via Skype or on  WhatsApp? from my new home in Spain to continue to improve my English.

~ Manuel Silva Nava – Project Manager,
Polysius SA, Mech./Ind. Engineering, Madrid, Spain

Jackie MacleanI grew up in India and although my first language is English I was taught by Hindi speakers and have always had trouble pronouncing [v] and [w]. I say vest instead of west, wolunteers instead of volunteers. The [w] sound does not exist in Hindi so I don’t hear it and didn’t know how to make the correct sound. Miracles don’t happen overnight and it takes consistent effort on my part. Knowing how to pronounce the sounds correctly and daily practice with Joanne on Skype are helping me improve my [v] and [w] pronunciation.

~ Jackie Maclean, MH, CHT, Clinical Hypnotist